Helios 44-2

The helios 44-2 is an Russian vintage lens and a Soviet copy of the Carl Zeiss Biotar 58mm f/2 lens. This lens produce an unusual “swirly” bokeh effect to the out-of-focus background. The lens is light and I love the soft delicate look it creates. But there is also a little issue on this lens. It seems that the aperture ring is reversed. Therefore in the beginning f/16 seems to be f/2 and visa versa. But this lens has two aperture rings. So setting your aperture is a bit tricky in the beginning. With a macro extension tube this lens is perfect for macrophotography. Here are some photos taken with this beautiful lens. I took these photos with my old camera an Canon 50D. 

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Primotar

I recently bought the Primotar E 50 mm f/3.5 optic. Couldn't wait to test this old beauty. The lens is light and solid. Unfortunately it was a bit of cloudy and windy day when I tested this lens for the first time. But oh what a pleasant surprise this lens is. Focussing is good, easy and sharp where you need it to be and even for a f/3.5 this lens does not need much light. The lens is with a macro extension tube perfect for macrophotography. And another pleasant surprise is the fact that you can choose if you either wan't round bokeh circles or a bokeh background in the shape of a hexagon. Here are a few test shots, also taken with my old camera and a macro extension tube 12mm. So I can't wait for a sunny day;-)


Pentacon 50mm f/1.8

I recently added the Pentagon 50mm f/1.8 to my collection vintage lenses. And again I couldn't wait to test this lens. I've read very good things about this lens. What are my experiences with this lens? It's solid and the condition of the lens I bought is just perfect. For under 30 Euro you'll find this lens. And in one word I can say wow.... I love this lens. Sharp, the bokeh is gorgeous, the delicate soft look is wonderful and the colours are very beautiful. So I'm very happy with this old gem;-) Here are some photos taken with this gem. Again taken with my old camera and a macro extension tube. 

Carl Zeis Jena Tessar 50mm f/2.8 Zebra

The Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm 2.8 is a classic example of a vintage prime lens. The Tessar construction dates back to 1902 and was computed by the German physicist Paul Rudolph. With its minimum focusing distance of only 35cm, it's a very nice lens to use for macro shots. The lens is compact, light and solid. What are my experiences with this lens? Well I love this lens. The bokeh is very beautiful. I also like the colours al lot. Focussing is easy and I love the soft delicate look this lens produces. So my conclusion.... a gem of a lens;-). 

Fujinon 55mm f/2.2

The Fujinon 55mm is known for it's unique bokeh. The bokeh is very bubble like.  I especially like the soft delicate look this lens creates. The colours are also amazing.  It's a compact and lighweight lens. Though there is a little issue with this lens. The focus  ring is made of plastic. Over time they can crack. It's a common problem with this lens. Make sure you'll find one without cracks in the focus ring. I found one without any cracks at all and one that was serviced. At f/2.2 I must say it's still easy to get good sharpness at the point you wan't it to be sharp. Overall it's a fun lens and I'm happy to have this little gem. Below some photos taken with this lens. 

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 50mm f/2.9 V

The Trioplan is known for it's soap bubble bokeh. Because I very much like 50mm lenses I decided to buy the 50mm instead of the famous 100mm f/2.8 vintage Trioplan. The 50mm is much cheaper and easier to find. The one I bought has 15 blades.  The lens is super light in weight and very small compared to other 50mm vintage lenses. I was surprised about the quality and sharpness. Focussing is super easy and the colours are amazing too. To find a 50mm Trioplan in a M42 mount is kind of a challenge. Most lenses you'll find on e-bay have a altix or exacta mount. I bought one with an exacta mount. With an adapter ring it's very easy to mount on a DLSR camera. For about 27 Euro you'll find the adapter on Amazon. My experiences with the lens so far are great. I love this lens. Below some first test shots. 

SMC Takumar 50mm f/1.4

The SMC Takumar is very compact lens and has a solid metal construction. I weights a bit more than other 50mm lenses that I own. It's a fast 50mm prime lens. The overall quality of the lens is very good. The version I bought in a very good condition. I really love the soft creamy look this lens creates. The colours are vivid and focussing is easy. It’s a bit more difficult to get good sharpness with this lens then other 50mm lenses. At least at f/1.4. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the lens prone to flare. My advice is to use a lens hood. And there is another issue with this lens. After time the glass is yellowing. Mine a bit too. The first time I tested this lens was on sunny but windy day. So the flowers were moving all the time. Even then I was able to focus and get some good sharpness on the flowers. That day I tested the lens at f/1.4 at 100 iso. Tested at f/1.4 the bokeh is gorgeous and I love the soft creamy look. Overall it’s a great lens. Below some first test shots with this beautiful lens. 

Porst 55mm f/2.8

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