Adventures of Mack

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mack a French Bulldog, born on the 26th of February 2018. I love cuddling, car rides, my owners, food and rolling around in the grass. I’m very adorable, but also stubborn. I just do what I wan’t to do and sometimes make my owners go crazy with my behavior. But hey, you know what... when I do that I just pull my most sweetest puppy face and they forget what I just did. Always works😉  I’m just part of the pact. Follow my adventures here🐾🐾

Here's a pic of me enjoying my holiday. Had so much fun during holiday. The took me to a place with lots of trees. Guess the call it a forest. Had to go to the vet though during holiday. Itchy all over my belly. Some sort of allergy. But all goes well now. 

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