Adventures of Mack

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mack a French Bulldog, born on the 26th of February 2018. I live in the Netherlands in a small town near Amsterdam. I love cuddling, car rides, food, playing and rolling around in the grass. I’m very sweet, but also stubborn. I just do what I wan’t to do and sometimes make my pawrents go crazy with my behavior. But hey, you know what... when I do that I just pull my most sweetest face and they forget what I just did. Always works😉  I’m part of the pact, love my pawrents and my forever home. Follow my adventures here🐾🐶🐾

Here's a pic of me enjoying my holiday. Had so much fun during holiday. The took me to a place with lots of trees. Guess the call it a forest. Had to go to the vet though during holiday. Suddenly itchy all over my belly. Some sort of allergy. The gave me meds and now it’s going better. 

Still sleeping a lot. Here I was so tired that I even didn't finish my treat. I was dreaming of it;-)

 Wednesday 22 August 2018

I'm growing so fast. Almost 6 months now and around 12 kg. I might be even weight more, but I hate the scale. Why? Less food for me when a gained to much. My pawrents saying I'm going to be a big Frenchie. I still sleep a lot, but also playing a lot in the park. Made some new friends and yesterday I had so much fun with Jake in the park. He's a Frenchie too. Finished my puppy training and received a certificate for doing that. I still make my pawrents go crazy with my behaviour. Only listen when I wan't to. Had some vet visits too. Still itchy on my belly. So the allergy is not gone. For that the vet gave me an injection. But that didn't work out well. Only helps a few days. Today I'm going to daycare. I'm so excited.. Keep u posted how it went there....


Here’s an update: I really had so much fun at daycare. And I’m accepted. My pawrents told me that I can go every week now. Yeahh!! They make videos at daycare that the send to my pawrents so they can see how much fun I have over there. I had to go to the vet again. Another injection for my allergy. Also went shopping last Sunday. 👛👜👛Hate that, but mom gave my so many treats. 🥓That was the good part. Well I do have my winter coat now. Figured out that I hate rain. ⛈🌧So when it’s raining I’m not going out. Mom probably bought me a raincoat as well. So I must go out when it’s raining. D..... Well let’s see if she did so. Keep u posted🐾🐶🐾


Saturday 7 September 2018

Mom did bought me a raincoat. Well ok I’ll go out when it’s raining. Today I’m going to my training. Only funpart there is that I can play with other doggies. I made more friends in the park and love to play with them. Always looking forward to see my best friend, Jessie. If Jessie is in the park I’m allowed to play without my leash. So when my bff is in the park it’s funtime🐶🐶🐶. Oh in the photogallery above you can see a pic of me playing with Jessie. That was before my pawrents let me play without the leash.  I’m on a diet now for my allergy. The new food tastes good. My pawrents bake my own cookies now and I love those cookies. Keep u posted how it was at training today.. 🐾🐶🐾



Update: Training went well. I did a very good job and my pawrents were so proud of me. Showed  perfectly all that I’ve learned, for a treat ofcourse 🤩 Received another certificate.🏅 Whoopie now I got two. A pink one and a grey one! 🏆🎖🏆 Aren't you all proud of me??? Oh and I've also been very ill for a couple of days. 🤒 I was shaking all over, throwing up, had diarrhoea, would't eat anymore and lost weight. So my pawrents were very concerned about me. Another visit to the vet for me. 👩‍⚕️Hate going there, but they are all so sweet over there and treating me so well. Always get such yummy treats. So I don't mind if they give me an injection. 💉And my pawrents were so sweet for me when I was so ill. Love those guys 😍 I'm doing fine now. Got a new dieet and I love it. Fresh meat is so delicious. 🥓🥓 Also went to the forest with my pawrents. 🌲🌲🌲So love it. All those crunchy much fun..🍂🍁🍂 At the pics above you can see how much fun I had. Will be back soon🐾🐶🐾 Bye guys, in the meantime have fun😉

It’s winter and we had snow here. Woo-hoo!! Really love to play in the snow❄️⛄️❄️☃️🌨 There is just one thing I really don’t understand🤔, and that’s why snowballs disappear?? I really don’t get that.I run as fast as I can after the snowball and by the time I’m there it’s gone..🤔🤔 Can somebody explain that to me? Well maybe we have some more snow this winter so that I can figure that out. Have fun the snow you all☃️❄️🌨⛄️😘🐾

I'm still looking for my Valentine's date.....❤️💕❤️Who wants to be my date???? 💗💕❤️

Saturday 23th of February

Today I met one of my insta buddies Grizzly (@grizzlybulldog) for the first time. Wow... from the first minut we say each other we had a click. It was love at first sight;-). 💕 We had such a great time together at the beach of IJmuiderslag. 🏖🎉 Love playing with my buddy. ⚽️  Grizzly is so sweet. 💙 Hope to meet him soon again. Here are some pictures of us playing together. Grizzly, thanks buddy for the great time! You are the best!!!❤️😍❤️

Tuesday 26th of February

Today I celebrated my first birthday!!! 🎉🎊🎈🎉🎂Yeah, I'm so spoiled. Got so many presents 🎁 and I went to the beach with Mom and Dad. 🏖 The got me a big football. ⚽️ Managed to ruin it in 2 minutes.... Broke a record.😂 😂 Thanks mom and dad for the great day and all the beautiful presents. Love you guys.... 💗❤️😍😘

Mom decided to do a indoor photoshoot. Kinda liked it. I mean for a treat I'll do everything...... How about you? What do you do for a treat??

Mom loves flowers, I don't. But hey she's always so sweet so I decided to make her happy and sit nice and give her some of my lovely smiles. When she's happy, I'm happy too.. 

Today I went to Vive la Frenchie at Bark in the Bark. Unfortunately it was a rainy day, but I was so much fun to meet my friends. I got some amazing new goodies too. Mom took some pics of my amazing new bandana's I got. 

Best place to go is the beach!!!! So love my adventures on the beach... Today I decided to be a good boy and  model for mommy;-)

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